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Creative Mark Polar-Flo Watercolor Brushes

Creative Mark Polar-Flo Watercolor Brushes

…700B Aquarelles: Features crystal clear scraper handles on a lovely wash brush. Perfect for manipulating your watercolors to the fullest. 700L Riggers, 700F Flats, 700FW Filberts, 700N Fans, 700R Rounds: All brushes feature nickel-plated, seamless brass ferrules with a crimson red handle and…

$1.25 - $12.39
LIST:$6.90 - $73.15
Creative Mark Polar-Flo Watercolor Brush Sets

Creative Mark Polar-Flo Watercolor Brush Sets

Stiffness Watercolors Acrylics Oils High Quality White Synthetic Brushes Watercolor Brush Sets Ensure Crisp Results Every Time! Polar-Flo Watercolor Brushes are a beautifully designed line of white synthetic filament hair created to meet professional requirements, while still maintaining a moderate…

$13.19 - $32.99
LIST:$34.60 - $337.75
Creative Mark Try Me Brush Sets

Creative Mark Try Me Brush Sets

brush set is suited for either watercolor, acrylic, or oil paint. With the Try Me line of Creative Mark brushes you can sample brushes from high-quality brands like Mimik, Staccato, Beste, Polar-Flo, Pro-Stroke, PowerCryl, Imperial, and Black Swan! Key Features: * Best-selling line of artist's brush

$14.29 - $15.59
LIST:$55.20 - $105.40

Jerry's Art Report: Polar Flo Synthetic Watercolor Brushes |

Polar Flo Watercolor Brushes feature high quality, white synthetic hair that ensures beautiful, crisp results every time!

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